SLT To The World

SLT competes in several e-sports events, operates an academy for player training, agency, content, and entertainment business with various know-how.

Esports team that grows with fans.

SLT actively communicates with fans in order to become a growing game team and to put one's best foot forward.

Training System From The Bottom to Top.

SLT operates an academy team with a solid trainee system using various know-how, allowing academy players to grow from the fundamental basics with a systematic education system.

Best Environment for Players.

SLT provides a clean and comfortable practice environment for athletes and coaches to focus on practice. We actively communicate so that we can show fans a better game, to remove unnecessary elements that interfere with practice, and to make up for deficiencies through positive feedback.

A team with both talent and attitude.

SLT directly discovers players through nurturing academy players, and conducts character education and basic literacy education that players must possess. With this, we strive to show our fans a fun game with improved skills.

Our Partners

Our Partners