CONUN is a blockchain-based distributed supercomputing platform. It is a service platform that allows participants to process high-performance computing resources by sharing idle resources on their personal computers and smartphones. Based on desktop grid computing technology, CONUN's Distributed Computing implements a universal computing network architecture platform that enables distributed processing of personal computers and supports an open and horizontal revenue ecosystem for all participants.


As a comprehensive finance platform service company, Galaxia Money Tree leads the online and offline payment market through electronic payment, O2O business, and Money Tree services with advanced technology and differentiated service competitiveness. It has original technology for integrated electronic payment (PG) solutions and is the first company in Korea to develop mobile department store gift certificates. Also, it has the No. 1 competitiveness in the nation's convenience store prepaid payment market. In addition, we are leaping forward as a comprehensive finance platform company by providing a money tree service to all digital assets such as gift certificates, coupons, and various points to be freely exchanged with each other.


Game Coach Academy is a brand established and operated by Big Picture Interactive Co., Ltd., an educational institution aimed at e-sports education. Game Coach Academy is the first and largest e-sports academy in Korea to receive an official certificate as an academy from the Office of Education. The Game Coach Academy, which started professional e-sports education for the first time in Korea in 2015, is educating amateur players with the philosophy of "Let's create a happy world for gamers." The nation's best coaches guide amateur players not only basic skills but also necessary skills and attitudes to grow into professional gamers. Also, Game Coach Academy is moving toward an academy recognized not only in Korea but also abroad.


The SINSANG.SHOP is a differentiated luxury shop run by Ad&Solus Co., Ltd. Founded in 2020, Ad&Solus Co., Ltd. is steadily growing by entering various IT-based service fields such as marketing, application development, SI, and content production as well as luxury shops.